Building on the work of Towards Standards for Quality Community Work, the All Ireland Endorsement Body for Community Work Education and Training was established in 2010 as an all-Ireland Body.

The AIEB seeks to build an inclusive framework for endorsement of community work education and training at all levels in order to ensure the principles for quality community work as laid out in Towards Standards for Quality Community Work.

The endorsement process is currently in a pilot phase.

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The endorsement process is based on dialogical and developmental discussion with the aim of enhancing the quality overall of community work and development education and training and attempts to avoid the feeling of an inspection.

Education providers are asked to prepare materials in relation to the selection, content, process and practice standards of education programmes. A peer review by a panel drawn from the AIEB results in a decision of full or conditional programme endorsement for an agreed period.

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Benefits of Endorsement

  • Benchmarks community work/development as a profession in its own right requiring specific skills.
  • Provides clear direction and guidance on standards of professional practice and courses that meet those standards
  • Information is available on professional community work courses in order to help with recruitment and selection procedures
  • Ensures that community work courses, process and content is informed by people involved in the area of community work/development
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Latest endorsements

  • BA Hons in Community Development

    University of Ulster

  • BA and MA in Community & Youth Work

    NUI Maynooth