All Ireland Endorsement Body

The All Ireland Endorsement Body for Community Work Education and Training was established in 2010.

The AIEB seeks to build an inclusive framework for endorsement of community work education and training at all levels in order to ensure the principles for quality community work as laid out in The All Ireland Standards for Community Work.


Community Work Ireland acts as secretariat for the All Irish Endorsement Body, and as a focal point for communication and contact.


The membership of the All Ireland Endorsement Body seeks to draw on the full range of relevant stakeholders from across the field of community work and education and teaching for community work vis qualified and experienced practitioners, qualified and experienced expert(s), employers of community workers, funders of community development, education providers to include universities, third level institutions and independent providers, from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The body is concerned to maximise inclusiveness and involvement, taking due reference to geography, gender, involvement of minorities and avoidance of dominance by any one sector, up to a maximum of 20 people.  In addition, it is desirable that readers and peer reviewers should have a level of qualification consistent with the level of the programme seeking endorsement and should have; a commitment to community work, an understanding of the role and work of AIEB and a commitment to engagement and attendance at meetings.

Current members

Name Organisation
Paul Burgess Senior Lecturer/ Director B.Soc.Sc. Youth & Community Work Department of Applied Social Studies University College Cork
Anastasia Crickley
Isy Hawthorne Steele Course Director BSc(HONS) Community Development University of Ulster
Maria Joyce National Co-ordinator National Traveller Womens Forum
Michelle Kearns Dolcain Community development Co-ordinator
Aiden Lloyd Community Work Practitioner
Helen Lowry Community Work Co-ordinator Migrant Rights Centre, Ireland
Iryna Pokhilo  Community Development Worker Cairde
Liam Mc Glynn  Lecturer Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
Áine Deely  Coordinator Loughrea Family Resource Centre
Ann Pendleton Lecturer, Belfast Metropolitan College
Maria FarryOonagh Mc Ardle PobalLecturer Maynooth University

The role of members of the AIEB is to co-ordinate an endorsement process taking responsibility for;

  • Carrying out the process of endorsement of various programmes
  • On-going development and application of the requirements for professional endorsement at all levels in line with agreed criteria on the areas outlined above
  • Maintaining on-going communications and information flow with all involved
  • Seeking to secure the on-going engagement of their own organisations & support from other organisations,  groups, Departments and other stakeholders towards the objectives of the AIEB

AIEB Goals

Short and Medium Term


  • The AIEB is resourced to carry out its work effectively with full engagement of all partners and the overall approach reflecting and promoting the values and principles set out in the All Ireland Standards for Community Work
  • A strategy is developed to ensure that the All Ireland Standards for Community Work are widely communicated, embedded and mainstreamed including in community work education and training, in local development and local government processes, in the review of the SICAP programme and across all stakeholder groups in the Republic and Northern Ireland
  • Membership of the AIEB is expanded to include additional organisations/sectors
  • The endorsement process is extended
  • The Community Work Educators Forum is extended and work done in relation to embedding the Standards appropriately in the development of community work education curricula
  • AIEB engagement with Northern Ireland is extended and enhanced.



  • All community work programmes and qualifications North and South undergo endorsement by AIEB
  • All programmes with community development modules (e.g. social work) North and South are endorsed by AIEB
  • AIEB is recognised as the standards bearer by all relevant stakeholders including QQI, QAA, the Education and Training Boards and Further Education Colleges
  • The role of AIEB regarding Continued Professional Development for Community Workers is developed