The endorsement process is based on dialogical and developmental discussion with the aim of enhancing the quality overall of community work and development education and training and attempts to avoid the feeling of an inspection.

Education providers are asked to prepare materials in relation to the selection, content, process and practice standards of education programmes. A peer review by a panel drawn from the AIEB results in a decision of full or conditional programme endorsement for an agreed period.

Endorsement may be described as a system for recognising programmes that lead to professional qualification awards. The endorsement process sets and assesses professional standards in relation to the content and quality of a community work programme in preparing students to work effectively as professional community workers in a range of contexts. For example, programmes should relate to EU directives and directions regarding recognition of degrees and diplomas.  Also in order for endorsement processes to operate effectively and credibly for professional education, the standards must be closely related to agreed occupational standards of professional practice. Endorsement is concerned with setting and monitoring criteria in relation to the following among others:

  1. Content of education and training
  2. Process of education and training
  3. achievement of professional standards of practice