Endorsement Process

Stages in the process of Endorsement

There are six key stages in the professional endorsement process. These are:

  1. preliminary enquiries to the endorsement bodies, initial consultation and advice from staff, decision by sponsor to proceed (or not) to formal registration and the entering into a formal contract with the endorsement body.
  2. planning and preparing a proposal, designing a draft submission;
  3. consideration of a draft submission by a sub group of the endorsement body and feedback to the institution;
  4. revision of the submission (if required) by the institution;
  5. consideration of this revised submission by a working group of the endorsement body (this consideration may entail a visit to the institution and always will in the case of new submissions); and
  6. recommendation of sub group, response to conditions (if any), successful completion of process, formal agreement by the endorsement body

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